Using Game Center to invite a friend to play Euchre HD.

First, make sure your friend has a game center account.  They can create an account using their Game Center App on their iPhone or iPad.

Have them go through all the steps on game center to create their account, then you can add the person as a friend on YOUR Game Center account using the Game Center App on your iPhone or iPad.


Your friend will have to accept the “friend invite” on their device.  Now that they are your friend, you can easily invite them to play a game right from within Euchre HD.

You will even get to supply a nice message to your friend asking them if they want to play.

Now your friend will get a notification to play....

If they don’t already have Euchre HD installed they will see an “App Store” button to allow them to download/purchase it.  If they already have Euchre HD, accepting the invite will take them directly into Euchre HD.

Hope this helps.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at or ask your question below.


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